Miscrits Guide to Success

About The Website

This website is talking all about Miscrits: World of Adventure, The great Facebook game based off Pokemon. On here you will find every miscrit picture, stats, and a brief paragraph talking about it and whether or not it is good. This is a must see website for new and old players! I hope you enjoy!

About the Game

Welcome to Miscria, the world of miscrits. This world consists of a vast species of creatures called miscrits, little monsters used to fight each other. You awaken in a forest by a guard. He quickly rushes you out of the forest, noticing you have no miscrits of your own. He then gives you the choice of 3 miscrits, Prawnja, Flue, and Flowerpillar. Next, he tells you that you are part of a prophecy told from long ago. Your main goal is to defeat all the elementums, monster sucking the magic out of the world. Run through the vast world, capturing as many miscrits as you can to help fight the elementums. Aside from that there is also PvP and missions. All of this can only be found in Miscrits: World of Adventure. (only on facebook) Click The Pic Below To Play